Redefining protection and comfort at work.
Breathe easy now at work with AIR⁺ Smart Mask – an ergonomic protective mask with the world’s first attachable micro ventilator that reduces build-up of heat, moisture and carbon dioxide accumulated into protective masks. With AIR⁺ Smart Mask, you can breathe better while you work.
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The problem of persistent discomfort in protective masks
Conventional masks available in the market today do not address the persistent discomfort and stuffiness of extended mask use. Prolonged usage also leads to the invisible dangers of re-breathing exhaled carbon dioxide, which can cause dizziness, reduced alertness and headaches.
Experience breathable cool comfort as you work.
The AIR⁺ Smart Mask combines two products – an ergonomic protective mask (the Smart Mask) designed for superior fit, and the world’s first attachable micro ventilator (the AIR⁺) that reduces the build-up of heat, moisture and carbon dioxide trapped inside protective masks.
Certified Protection.
Superior Fit.
  • Certified to meet international standards
    (CE EN149:2001+A1:2009 & NIOSH-Approved)
  • Easy to breathe through due to innovative mesh filter
  • Plush nose cushioning for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Compatible with AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator
  • Available in various levels of protection
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Mini size. Maximum Comfort.
The AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator snaps onto the Smart Mask, transforming disposable masks into advanced masks with performance and comfort. It expels accumulated heat, humidity and eliminates CO2 build-up within a mask for active circulation and cooling with every breath.
Expels heat & moisture
Relative humidity inside the mask is reduced by 40%
Eliminates CO2 buildup
Internal CO2 levels are rapidly reduced to minimise dizziness and headaches
Keep cool & fresh
Temperature within mask drops up to 4oC
Rechargeable & reusable
Easy charging via micro USB
Lasts 2.5 hours each charge
The Science & Art of AIR⁺ Smart Mask

Engineering this much-needed revolution in protective mask technology required new thinking with many rounds of testing and iteration. Leveraging on advanced engineering technology, testing, physical trials and proprietary methods, the AIR⁺ Smart Mask is a product of innovative thinking, cutting-edge engineering & consumer-centric user experience.

Through this rigorous process to achieve unrivalled comfort and ease of use, the AIR⁺ Smart Mask stands as the next generation of respirators, bringing comfort and protection to workers.

Delivering protection for your workplace

Our masks are available in various classes of protection, ranging from N95, FFP1/2/3 and in valved and non-valved options.