Building a better mask meant understanding how we are designed by nature to breathe.
Building a better mask meant understanding why we didn’t like wearing them. Existing masks are uncomfortable to wear and become stuffy within a few minutes of usage. Breathing naturally was simply not possible.
Size matters. Especially when it comes to our little ones.
Children are often the ones who need the most protection, yet they often end up with oversized masks that do not fit well.
Redefining the protective mask for the everyday user.
Smart Mask is engineered in 3 sizes to create superb fit for a broad age range, even for young ones.
To find your right size, simply measure using the box.
Hold up the measuring chart found at the side of the Smart Mask packaging to the face. Simply match the distance from your eye to the bottom of his/her chin and select the closest size indicated.
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Smart Valve maximises exhalation relief.
Our Smart Valve is fitted on the inside of the Smart Mask. The exhalation jets directly open the valve, keeping it open for a longer period than normal valves.
Designed with airflow in mind
Airflow is key to provide circulation assistance within the mask. The powered micro ventilator effectively extracts heat, moisture and accumulated CO2 out of the mask so you will not be re-inhaling bad air.
Recharge. Reuse. Refresh.
Designed for daily use, the AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator goes where you go. Stay fresh on your journey, and recharge it easily via micro usb when you get home or to the office.
2.5 hours
run time
pocket size
dust & splash resistant
Compatible with all 3 Smart Mask sizes
AIR⁺ fits all sizes of Smart Mask, ensuring the optimum combination of comfort and protection for all users.