AIR⁺ Smart Mask
What is the AIR⁺ Smart Mask?

The AIR⁺ Smart Mask is the system where the Micro Ventilator is attached to the Smart Mask for enhanced protection in the rapid extraction of heat, moisture and carbon dioxide. With this combination, you can experience enhanced breathability and cooler airflow when wearing the mask over extended period of time.

The Smart Mask is the first mask that is ergonomically designed with three mask sizes (Small, Medium, Large), nose cushions, and adjustable head straps to achieve a close facial fit for well-sealed protection and maximised comfort.

Please see Question 16 for more details on the AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator.

What does N95 refer to?

N95 refers to a filter class, not a mask. Many masks have an N95-class filter, and many people refer to them, and have come to know them as N95 masks. An N95 mask means the mask filters out at least 95% of non oil-based particles, including haze particles.

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Is AIR⁺ Smart Mask a N95 mask?

The AIR⁺ Smart Mask is tested in accordance to the EN 149:2001+A1:2009 (European) and the N95 NIOSH-approved (American) standards.

Under both test standards, the v Smart Mask achieved at least 95% filtration efficiency against non-oil based particles.

This means every AIR⁺ Smart Mask you buy, regardless of size, is a N95 mask.

What is the difference between NIOSH certification and European Standards FFP1 and 2?

The AIR⁺ Smart Mask is certified to both NIOSH and European FFP standards, two internationally recognised standards.

To obtain NIOSH certification and the FFP certification means our masks had to undergo two different sets of tests, which have two different testing protocols. For instance the FFP certification involves a test for filtration of oil-based particles which the NIOSH certification does not.

The European test methodology (FFP) tests for both non-oil based particles and oil-based particles. Under these standards, AIR⁺ Smart Mask S & M sizes are classified as FFP1, while the L size is classified as FFP2.

Class Filter penetration limit (at 95 L/min air flow)
FFP1 Filters at least 80% of oil and non-oil airborne particles
FFP2 Filters at least 94% of oil and non-oil airborne particles
FFP3 Filters at least 99% of oil and non-oil airborne particles

Our Small and Medium AIR+ Smart Masks exceeded 95% efficiency for non-oil based particles and showed at least 80% efficiency for oil-based particles.

Under the European Standards, which adopts the lower efficiency rating of the two, our Small and Medium sized masks received an FFP1 rating. The reason the Large size achieved the higher FFP 2 rating is due to the larger filter area of the mask helping it function more efficiently with oil-based particles.

When the testing protocols were conducted for NIOSH certification, all three sizes S, M, L were rated NIOSH N95.

Why not make the S and M sizes FFP2, similar to L size?

The S & M size masks are designed to protect children against haze particles (which are non-oil based). It is important to ensure that when the masks are worn, children would feel comfortable. To obtain FFP2 certification would mean increasing the filtration material against oil based particles further. This has the effect of significantly increasing the breathing resistance in the mask, and cause discomfort to children. The international standards for masks are meant for industrial users and are therefore less relevant for children. We use these standards to benchmark our quality but do not wish to compromise comfort for children.

How can I find AIR⁺ Smart Mask’s certification?

Regardless of the markings, all AIR⁺ Smart Masks are tested in accordance to US NIOSH and European Standards, and exceed 95% filtration efficiencies against non oil based particles.

The AIR⁺ Smart Mask is registered with US NIOSH under the following product codes: AP520VS (small), AP520VM (medium), AP520VL (large).

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The AIR⁺ Smart Mask is registered with European Standards EN 149:2001+A1:2009 under the following product codes: A+211VS (small), A+210VM (medium), A+220VL (large).

The products manufactured by Innosparks Pte Ltd for retail and industrial users are marked with either NIOSH or EN149.

Who is the Smart Mask designed for?

The Smart Mask is designed for almost everyone, including children as young as 7 years old. It comes in three sizes, and the smallest size is suitable for face sizes of children 7 years or older.

It is also designed for workers whose outdoor jobs expose them to dust and small particles, and at men and women who may be required to wear protective masks for long period while working when there is haze, virus outbreaks or volcanic ash.

Individuals with chronic respiratory, heart or lung conditions or anyone who is in doubt, please check with your healthcare provider before using the Smart Mask.

Does the Smart Mask protect against haze/volcanic ash? PM2.5?

Yes it does. Haze particles are mostly made up of particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller.

The Smart Mask has been tested and found adequate to provide protection against haze/volcanic ash as it is at least 95% efficient in filtering small particles down to 0.1- 0.3 microns.

For comparison: human hair is on average 70 to 80 microns and human red blood cell is 5 microns in diameter, dust mite and allergens are 0.1-0.3 microns.

Can I use the Smart Mask on my child?

The Small, Medium, and Large sizes that we offer are based on digital scans and tests performed on Asian facial profiles.

The Smart Mask Small size is suitable for a 7 year-old child with a typical Asian facial profile.

The measurement gauge integrated on the box will help you to choose the correct size for your child. Children older than 7 years old have the options to choose from Medium and Large sizes, whichever is more suitable for their facial profiles.

There is currently no certification standard for children masks. Even though the Smart Mask Small size is suitable for children 7 years old and above, it is tested to the standards of ‘personal protective equipment’ for occupational use. This is in line with Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) FAQ, addressing the use of AIR⁺ Smart Mask.

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The Smart Mask’s ergonomic design helps to ensure the best fit and well-sealed protection for you and your child.

How long can the Smart Mask be worn?

The Smart Mask can be used for up to 8 continuous hours. Actual duration is dependent on how polluted the environment is, and the Smart Mask should be replaced when you find it hard to breathe.

Stop using the mask if you experience breathing difficulties or allergic reactions.

Can I reuse the Smart Mask?

Yes the Smart Mask can be reused intermittently, up to a total of 8 hours.

Replace the Smart Mask when it is physically damaged or dirty or when you experience discomfort in breathing.

How should I dispose of the Smart Mask?

To safely dispose your Smart Mask, place it in a plastic bag and put it in the trash. Wash your hands after handling the used Smart Mask.

Can I share the Smart Mask with my family or friends?

No. For hygiene and safety reasons, the Smart Mask is for individual use only, and should not be shared.

How do I know which size of the Smart Mask to buy?

To determine the right mask size to purchase, you can use the measurement gauge found on the product packaging to match the distance from the eye to the bottom of the chin.

When should I use the Smart Mask?

The Smart Mask is recommended for individuals who may be exposed to hazardous air quality condition, such as dust, small particles, haze, virus outbreaks or volcanic ash.

To determine the air quality in your location, you should always refer to your local governmental health agencies.

Is the AIR⁺ battery operated? What is its battery life?

Yes. The AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

· Charging is done via USB to a computer system or power adaptor
· Usage time: Up to 2 hours continuous use

AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator
What is AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator?

The AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator is a simple add-on ventilator that is compatible to the Smart Mask. When used, it improves air circulation within the mask through the extraction of heat, moisture and accumulated carbon dioxide.

It is light-weight and fits onto any size of the Smart Mask.

Can the Lithium battery in the Micro Ventilator be replaced?

No it is not replaceable. You should replace it with a new Micro Ventilator and discard the old Micro Ventilator.

Can I wear the Smart Mask for more than the recommended 8 hours, if I use it with the AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator?

We recommend that you replace the Smart Mask after 8 hours of use. The Micro Ventilator is designed to enhance the comfort of Smart Mask wearers, it does not extend the usable life time of the Smart Mask.

Stop using the mask if you experience breathing difficulties or allergic reactions.

Does the AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator make the Smart Mask more effective?

Yes, Micro Ventilator enhances the effectiveness of the Smart Mask. When the it is fitted to the Smart Mask, the wearer will experience improved breathing comfort and cooler airflow over extended period of time.

However, on its own, the Smart Mask offers wearers adequate protection against airborne contaminants.

The AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator is highly recommended for children, as it removes accumulated carbon dioxide that may result in physiological impact such as giddiness or headache.

What is the shelf life of the AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator?

The average shelf life of the Micro Ventilator is up to 1000 battery hours (or can be used 500 times on a 2 hour/use basis).

If used every day, the Micro Ventilator can be used for over a year, subject to battery rating condition.

Does the AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator fit all the sizes of the Smart Masks?

Yes, Micro Ventilator is designed to fit the Smart Masks.

I have existing N95 valved masks that have not been used. Can I use this with the AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator?

No. The AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator is compatible only with the Smart Mask.

Can I purchase the Smart Masks separately from the AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator?

Yes, the Smart Masks and Micro Ventilator are packaged and sold separately.